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"We've both had the pleasure of sharing many stages with Bob Proctor. It is a privilege because we believe he possesses a great and rich knowledge of how the mind can be programmed to operate at its fullest potential. No other teacher alive teaches these concepts as clearly and accurately."

Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield - Co-authors,
#1 Best-seller Chicken Soup for the Soul

Solve The Success Puzzle

Success Puzzle

The Success Puzzle

Sometimes, putting your life together is like trying to put a puzzle together without the cover picture on the puzzle box. How are you supposed to know how to build without a guide to help you?

In The Success Puzzle, Bob Proctor provides that step-by-step guide so that you can create the masterpiece of your life.

Stop for a minute and ask yourself this: Are you really building the picture you've always wanted for your life? If you're not building the picture you want, you're working on the wrong puzzle . . . and this is where Bob Proctor begins in this program, The Success Puzzle.

This easy-to-follow audio program (with workbook) helps you first decide on what it is you want your life to look like. Then, through a fun goal-setting exercise, Bob Proctor helps you prioritize the primary action steps you'll be taking to build this life of your dreams (the frame of the puzzle, so to speak).

Once the framework is in place, you'll learn:

  • Where your habits came from and how to change them

  • How to work with the laws of the Universe to achieve your goals in the easiest way possible.

  • How to draw upon the infinite supply

  • How to eliminate all obstacles blocking your path.

  • A four-step process to make effective decisions! (This is not in any other Proctor program)

  • How to work on the various sections of your life in orderly yet fast-paced motion.

  • The importance of commitment to success

  • A better way to deal with restraints, delays and negative consciousness that seek to slow your masterpiece-building pace.

  • How to build in greater color, enthusiasm and passion in all facets of your life.

As you build this primary puzzle, you'll assimilate the simple lessons and steps it takes to build on new projects and ambitions throughout your life. You'll solve the Success Puzzle for your initial masterpiece, and for every masterpiece project and direction you take from then on.

Remember, the risk is all on us. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you don't believe that you got great value, you get your purchase price back.

The Success Puzzle - CD - $249

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